The Greenhouse: Where Johannesburg Meets Exceptional Sushi

The Greenhouse - Where Johannesburg Meets Exceptional Sushi

Johannesburg, the city of gold, isn’t just renowned for its rich history and dynamic urban life. It’s also home to a thriving culinary scene that brings together a symphony of flavors from around the globe. Among its shining culinary jewels is The Greenhouse, a restaurant and bar that serves sushi so divine, it’s worth writing poems about.

When we think of sushi, thoughts of Japan’s rich culinary traditions come to mind. At The Greenhouse, this tradition meets South African hospitality, resulting in sushi plates that not only delight the taste buds but also offer a visual treat.


Exploring The Greenhouse Sushi Options


Highlighting the Sushi Plates at The Greenhouse:

A gourmet’s dream come true. The Harvest plate combines the rich flavors of Salmon Roses and the subtle pairing of Salmon & Prawn Nigiri. The tender bites of Salmon Sashimi promise an authentic Japanese experience, while the Rainbow Rolls add a pop of color and an explosion of flavors.

Where tradition meets modernity. The Signature platter boasts a Salmon Crunch Roll that’s a delightful mix of textures and flavors. The Sashimi Salad serves as a refreshing palate cleanser, and those Signature Salmon Roses? Every bite feels like a love letter from the sea.

For those who adore salmon in all its splendor. From the familiar comfort of Salmon California to the avant-garde taste of the Salmon Fashion Sandwich, this plate celebrates salmon in all its glory. The Salmon Rainbow Rolls add that extra touch of magic.

For the veggie lovers, this plate offers a vegetarian escapade that’s both delightful and fulfilling. With the crunch of Vegetable California Rolls and the creamy goodness of Avo Maki, it’s a treat for all senses. The Tempura Handroll adds a crispy surprise, while the Avo Bam Bam Roll promises a flavor-packed experience.


Spotlight on Signature Sushi:

A crunchy delight with layers of flavors. The tempura salmon’s crispness paired with the creaminess of cream cheese promises a multi-textured bite. The finishing touch of sesame oil, spring onion, and chili mayo lends it a spicy kick that’s hard to resist.

Not just any salad, this is a gourmet’s dream. Thick cut seared salmon sashimi pairs harmoniously with the freshness of cucumber, avocado, and carrots. The Yuzu Dressing, with its citrusy notes, complements the spiciness of seven spice and the aroma of sesame oil, creating a flavor profile that dances on the palate.

These aren’t just roses; they’re a declaration of love for sushi. Topped with a spicy salmon mix and adorned with chili mayo, teriyaki sauce, and caviar, every bite is a delightful surprise. The addition of sesame oil, spring onion, and seven spice ensures a flavor journey like no other.

To sum it up, The Greenhouse in Johannesburg isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a culinary experience that promises an unforgettable sushi journey. Whether you’re a sushi connoisseur or a newbie, there’s something for everyone. So, next time you’re in Johannesburg and have sushi on your mind, you know where to head.


Diving Deeper: The Classics at The Greenhouse

BAM BAM Series:
For those who love a twist on tradition, The Greenhouse introduces its Bam Bam series.

  • BAM BAM Salmon: A delightful fusion where the richness of salmon meets the freshness of cucumber.
  • BAM BAM Prawn: With the crispy tempura prawn delicately wrapped in cucumber, this is an enticing blend of textures and tastes.
  • BAM BAM Vegetarian: An imaginative play on classic sushi, presenting vegetarian options encased in a cucumber wrap.

When simplicity meets excellence, we get the classic Salmon Roses. Tender salmon elegantly presented in a rose form, proving that sometimes less is more.

This global sushi favorite gets The Greenhouse touch.

  • Prawn: Dive into the ocean’s flavors with the enticing Prawn California Rolls.
  • Tuna: Relish the robust taste of the deep blue with Tuna California Rolls.
  • Salmon: A classic revisited, these Salmon California Rolls are love at first bite.
  • Vegetarian: A burst of fresh, veggie goodness in each roll, proving that sushi truly has something for everyone.

A symphony of colors and flavors, the Rainbow series is a visual and gastronomic treat.

  • Prawn: A luscious blend of rice, prawn, and other delectable ingredients, creating a rainbow of taste.
  • Tuna: With layers of rich tuna and other accompaniments, it’s a treat for the senses.
  • Salmon: Dive into the delectable layers of rice, salmon, and more, promising an unforgettable experience.
  • Vegetarian: A fresh take on the classic, it’s a verdant delight for the palate.

SASHIMI Delights:
Sashimi, the epitome of sushi artistry, showcases raw fish in its purest form.

  • Tuna: Relish the velvety texture and rich flavors of expertly sliced tuna.
  • Seared: For those who crave that slightly smoky edge, the Seared Sashimi is a must-try.
  • Salmon: Thick slices of salmon, offering a melt-in-the-mouth experience that’s second to none.

At The Greenhouse, the classics aren’t just dishes; they are stories of tradition, craftsmanship, and passion. Each bite takes you on a journey, transporting you to the streets of Japan while sitting right in the heart of Johannesburg. Come, relish the stories, one plate at a time.

Remember, at The Greenhouse, every plate tells a story. Be part of that story.

Disclaimer: Menu items are subject to change. Kindly check with the restaurant before placing an order.

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