Chef Ken – Culinary Artist and Explorer of Food

Chef Ken Phuduhudu The Greenhouse Restaurant

Before starting with his Career culinary career, Chef Ken Phuduhudu worked as an English Teacher in Bryanston, Sandton to save up and make his Culinary dreams a reality. He needed to go to the best Culinary institution, and he would not compromise. He had to be patient, hustle and save up in the process to enrol.

Chef Ken

Prue Leith Chefs Academy graduate. I had started my culinary journey in Western Cape, Stellenbosch with just my clothes, aprons, and knives. Terroir restaurant with Michael Broughton. After a couple of years relocated to Luke Dale Roberts, The Test Kitchen, Cape Town.

Head Chef at Glenda’s restaurant, Hyde park nominated twice as best new restaurant in 2016. Exploration of food, ingredients is a passion of mine. Culinary consultant. Currently Executive Chef, Founder and Owner of The Private Dining Experience. The Private Dining Experience is modern contemporary fine dining in the comfort of your home or in one of The Private Dining Experience Penthouses, offering the utmost luxurious experiences.

Now recently, Gusto Café is under construction, showcasing simple, light and affordable meals. The Royal Rendezvous is a bi-weekly event, held in a beautiful 3 story impeccable work of art. Chef Ken & Graham Beck are collaborating to bring a brand new Sunday atmosphere to Johannesburg. The Royal Rendezvous will be an extension of The Private Dining Experience. This Rendezvous will highlight the finest bubbles, canapes, cocktails & wines. Simply paired with local and international musicians and DJ’s. All to create an exciting & new Sunday atmosphere in Johannesburg, accentuating exclusivity, style & elegance.

As a quiet yet charismatic person, Chef Ken has found himself gravitating towards television as well as entertainment. Chef Ken truly believes that it is important to share culinary knowledge, to learn and continuously explore till you kick the bucket. African, Asian & French cuisine is what Chef Ken truly loves to explore and he loves to highlight it in a modern light.

My aim is to create edible art, create new dishes and revolutionize the current dishes.

“The plate is my canvas, my hands are my brushes, the ingredients are my paint”

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