A New Dawn For Nightlife: Fantasy-fueled Fun at Amazon by Greenhouse

SANTON, SOUTH AFRICA – A new era of nightlife emerges in the post-Covid apocalyptic world, allowing party-goers to unleash their wild side and tantalise their senses at the soon-to-be-launched Amazon nightclub by Greenhouse. 

Part of the renowned Boulder Group, Amazon is a new addition to a host of successful establishments, including Babylon and The Greenhouse Bar. 

In keeping with its name – this unique entertainment space is set to open its doors on Friday, 3 June, to a world that encapsulates the wilderness, allowing patrons to break free from social constraints and promising an escape from the all-too-familiar concrete jungle.   

Redefining the Night Club Experience

It is no secret that the hospitality industry took a massive hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in a slow recovery for many bars and nightclubs in the country. According to Statistics SA, the industry saw a drop of over 40% in revenue during the peak of the pandemic. While many establishments have struggled to recover, the Boulder Group saw this as a challenge to redefine and recreate the traditional nightclub idea, emphasising customer experience on par with international standards. 

“The nightclub model of the past is dead. Many clubs took their customer base for granted. They believed that they would come in every Friday and Saturday and spend their hard-earned money without clubs evolving with the times and the changing tastes and needs. Those clubs started dying before the pandemic, and Covid was the final nail in the coffin.” said Adam Schlosberg, COO of the Boulder Group. 

Conversations behind the shelter of masks indicate that the nation is poised for a post-Covid-19 era of socialising, dancing and fun – our own “Roaring Twenties”. On the surface, the similarities abound: A society emerges from a catastrophic pandemic in a time of extreme social inequality and nativism, and revelry ensues – people unite and seek comfort in dance, music and good ol’ fun.  In fact, the very first time the word party was mentioned was in 1922 in an essay by E. Cummings. Fast-forward to exactly 100 years later and the party mood lives on stronger than ever.

Except now, millennials and Gen-Z are more invested in elevated experiences that push the boundaries of tradition and promote ideals of inclusion. This is the Boulder Group’s ticket to success, as well as the ability to adapt and understand their client base. 

The proof is in the numbers. 

The Group has already started seeing an uptick in people returning to party mode and a generous spike in revenue. Since Covid-19 restrictions have eased, one of their establishments, Babylon, has seen an increase of over 40 percent in revenue compared to 2020, and they predict that these numbers are only expected to rise. 

The Group also saw major success at the popular So Happy Music Festivals that they re-opened in Joburg. The turnout at the first festival at Mushroom Park in Sandton two weeks ago was a huge success indicating that people are ready for better, more exciting times.  

Schlosberg said that Amazon was created to satisfy that need and the party hunger that young adults so desperately crave but have been starved of due to the pandemic. 

“This is a place where everybody is welcome in an unpretentious, non-excluding atmosphere. The public has been hungry for that, especially in Joburg, where we’ve seen that people have had years of being indoors due to restrictions. As a result, we haven’t had many outlets for fun, normality and escapism. Amazon creates escapism in another way, allowing people to get lost in our fantasy jungle and have fun.”

Inspired by the incredible nightlife of London, New York and Dubai, Amazon is set to take patrons out of the concrete and brick urban jungle and transport them to a jungle-inspired experience, where animal sculptures, plants, tunnels and state of the art lighting set the tone for the ideal journey from reality and Instagram-worthy moments.

Uniqueness, with excellent attention to detail, safety, and focus on outstanding customer experience at every touchpoint, is a given.

What to Expect

The company invested millions in creating an unmatched experience with state of the art lighting systems programmed to create an array of augmented settings synced to the music. Massive screens offer a luxury feel similar to high-end nightclubs in Dubai, London, and New York, differentiating Amazon from any nightclub in South Africa. 

In terms of music, the club is set to host a range of d DJs catering to various tastes. 

“We will have some established South African names in the DJ game. But we’re also happy to give an opportunity and a spotlight to young emerging talent. We’ll play a variety of music from house to pop to commercial to some electronic and techno,” said Schlosberg.

Leave the real world behind and join us at the launch of Amazon by Greenhouse.


24 central shopping centre, Sandton

Opening Times

9PM – 6AM

Age Limit

Women: 21 and over 

Men: 25 and over 


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